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  • The Beauty of Indonesia

    wonders of
    Indonesian underwater world.
  • Dive Safety Through Education

    Scuba Diving related courses, from recreational up to professional level.
  • High-performance & top quality equipment

    The more you know about your needs and the products designed to meet them, the better choices you can make in selecting each piece of your best personal diving equipment.
  • Experience the Beauty

    Exploring underwater photography or videography will share an experience the beauty of the underwater diversity.
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About Us

LIQUID DIVE is a NAUI Pro Gold Scuba Center 
at Jakarta - Indonesia.

Based on The National Association of Underwater Instructors high standard, we provide Scuba Diving Courses, Dive Shop, Diving Trip, and Underwater Photography & Videography.

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  • Diving Courses

    One thing you will immediately notice about your NAUI training is that it's FUN !
    NAUI Instructors are taught to teach - not just recite material by rote. And, because NAUI Instructors are professional educators, they know the best learning conditions are enjoyable conditions. You will have fun in your NAUI course, because your training is all part of the adventure!
    We have full time NAUI Instructor. Our diving courses are under strict internal quality assurance to meet the highest International Standard available.
    Scuba Diving related courses, from recreational up to professional level: Skin Diver Course, Junior Scuba Diver Course, Scuba Diver Course, Advanced Scuba Diver Course,Master Scuba Diver Course,Leadership Course,NAUI First Aid Course (Specialty),NAUI Enriched Air/Nitrox Course (Specialty),UW Photography Course (Specialty),Instructor Training Course, Instructor Trainer Workshop.
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